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Sarah harmer Speech & Language Therapist offering Therapy for Children in Surrey and West London areas Working with children to improve their communication skills Harmer Speech and Language Therapy, Thames Ditton, Surrey. Providing paediatric therapy in the Surrey and East London areas

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Click here for all pricing Therapy technique, reinforcing prepositions with symbols to build association

This involves discussion with you and your child, and assessment of his/her speech, language and/or communication needs. Assessment can be informal, formal and/or observation.

The assessment results will be analysed and appropriate

intervention planned. This Stage also includes:

a)   An ‘Assessment Summary Report’


b)   An individual ‘Therapy Plan’ to enable your child, you and others to focus on identified goals/targets. The ‘plan’ will be reviewed periodically to evaluate progress and agree further intervention.

Individual sessions with your child to focus on 'Therapy Plan' Goals and Targets. The fee includes session (and homework) planning, preparation/cost of resources, liaison with parent/carer/teaching staff and keeping up to date case notes.

In consultation with the SLT, your session requirements can be agreed. Sessions are typically 60 minutes for speech, language and communication cases and 30 minutes for speech cases. N.B. This includes liaison time.  

Liaison with significant others involved with the child.

This would include, for example, attending meetings and telephone consultations with pre- school/school staff and/or other health care professionals.

Initial Consultation - Stage 1:

Home visit

Initial Consultation - Stage 2:

Assessment analysis and Identification of need


Individual Therapy Sessions


Liaison with significant others

Reports : specific to your child’s needs can be provided as required.

I have a fee structure to suit your needs, we can structure sessions appropriate to your childs needs Click here for all pricing