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Sarah harmer Speech & Language Therapist offering Therapy for Children in Surrey and West London areas Working with children to improve their communication skills Harmer Speech and Language Therapy, Thames Ditton, Surrey. Providing paediatric therapy in the Surrey and East London areas

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Paediatric learning technique using verb tense activities Techniques Makaton PECS Contact me About me

My name is Sarah Harmer and I am a ‘Specialist Speech and

Language Therapist’ (SLT) working in Thames Ditton, Surrey, and

the surrounding area.

I have worked as a SLT for over 23 years, predominantly with

individuals with ‘special needs’, including mild to severe learning

difficulties, physical difficulties and autistic spectrum disorder. I have

worked for the NHS and Education Authorities in Community Clinics,

Children Development Centres, Day Centres, Mainstream and Special

Schools/Units. I have worked independently in England and abroad in

Australia and Barbados.

I enjoy working with children of all ages from pre-school to young

adults. I am experienced in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment

of difficulties in the following areas:

• Speech sounds. i.e. - The production (articulation) and use

(phonology) of sounds.

• Early language skills, like attention, listening and play.

• Language comprehension i.e. - The ability to understand language.

• Expressive language. i.e. - The content & structure of language used.

• Social skills, like eye contact, turn taking and facial expression.

• ‘Functional’ communication, like initiating interaction,

appropriate use of language and ‘Communication Passports.’

I have a specific interest in working with children with more complex

communication needs, who benefit from using alternative or

supplementary communication (AAC).

I am experienced in promoting the use of ‘Makaton’ signs and symbols

and the ‘Picture Exchange Communication System’ (PECS), and also in

using informal systems like objects and photographs.

I work with with children of all ages to help and support their speech and language difficulties